Let’s travel together.

Vitor Moutinho

Tohold to do and grow between thorns, defeats and sufferings.


Since I was born in Milheirós, a simple parish of the Municipality of Maia – Porto, I never stopped quietly.

I grew up among adults and ‘cultures’ of knowledge… and the seizing doing.

Played football (F.C. Infest that forgiveme), I learned music (drums)but it was in production of the regional competition “Maia, Who Know does!” that my life professional Won directions.

From sound assistant to announcer in Radio Lidador da Maia, Radio Active, up to be journalist on Radio Comercial (North), Gazeta dos Desportos, Canal 4(today TVI) and SIC. Pride-me of the journalist than Was and than me Taught: treat the truth! I’ve evolved in journalism and rumei To Unexpected behind the scenes of communication: political, sports and corporate.

I specializedin Communication Institutional and management of communication crises.

Design and design contents. Atinjo results before people the meet.

It was the career of Press Officer and Communications Consultant that allowed, know, do, happen.

A life of challenges without





Reserved and look in a badmood.

Distant person,but close to what is truly important.

Firm in decisions,soft with emotions.

It doesn’t revealsecrets, but it doesn’t ignore mistakes.

I can’t resist solid challenges,but I’m afraid to fail.

Knowing how to lift is a virtude. Know wait, too…

Valorizo and things I love


Nothing more important than family, who respects us.

I lose my head by diving and get ‘glazed’ with technology.

Devour series and documentaries.

I absorb calories and love to travel!




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