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Sailing Club – Phu Quoc (restaurant)

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Had arranged with Diogo Palma, Accommodation Manager of Novotel Phu Quoc to dine in a different location on the island. He spoke immediately at the Sailing Club. We’ve been putting off for a few days until we’ve made the trip… but at the last minute a sore throat from Diogo prevented the company. We still went looking for the Sailing Club.’ We thought we would be installed in a marina until kms later and back and forth we found it in my of a careful garden, in one of the new areas, novre, of the island.

But this is… Pool, bar, restaurant? Yes. A three in one perfect for the days of ‘dolce fare niente’. If you want to swim, nothing, if you don’t want to do anything, you don’t do anything and just raise your arm that quickly the cocktail or pizza is available… not to forget Asian delicacies.

The sailing club is one of the ‘spot’s’ in the island.

With a pleasant and fresh décor, more than a restaurant the ‘Sailing Club’ is a place where the dozens of foreigners, workers on the island, meet to unwind after a day, or work week.

I could have the pizza picture around here, but it wasn’t the same thing. This is what a small steak accompanied with french fries and mushrooms looks like. You have to tell him that. But it’s really international food

Vietnamese Rainbow Summer Rolls a dish ‘ust try’ with spices from Phu Quoc. A shot of intense and spicy flavors. It’s good to accompany with a Saigon Beer (my favorite)

Bò Lúc Lâc , just writing is growing mouthwatering. It is sautéed meat (from the rump zone, or picanha as you prefer) with island peppers, new onions, bittersweet sauce, accompanied with traditional rice (sticky rice). Another flavor bomb exploding in your mouth.

This is an above-average restaurant. It is not at the top of the quality that exists in some spaces in Phu Quoc. The food is a pleasant surprise, but the slowness of the staff in realizing the request makes the moment unpleasant. The fact that it has a swimming pool and bar can create unexpected moments in the comfort of the people who are in the dining room

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