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Phu Quoc – Le Veranda Resort

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The island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam is southeast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is a tourism gem that in the last 5 years has come up for world tourism. Thanks to its size and configuration Phu Quoc has several white sandy beaches that exemplarily magnificent.

The Beach: Phu Quoc – Le Veranda Resort

The beaches on the island are of a semi-private management. There are locations run by hotels, but where local people and tourists can access, there are other places where part of the space is for the exclusive use of the hotels. Le Verandas Resort Phu Quoc beach is one of those situations.

Almost in the central area of Phu Quoc this corner of paradise is located on the island’s main beach front. On the almost uninterrupted stretch of sand that runs from the airport to the city center.

The sand of this beach is spotlessly clean, treated and permanently guarded.

Who is not staying can enter the beach? yes, more or less, maybe. You can’t take advantage of the services or the shadows or sun loungers, but you can extend the towel on the sides or on the seafront.

Services: Being this beach accessible exclusively by hotel guests the services provided and provided are 5 stars. Refreshing towels, ice cream and fresh water are available during the beach are all provided by the Hotel.

How to access: Shotel guest will have no problem settling in. The shadows next to the palm trees are quickly filled, but there is room for many people. If you are not a guest of the hotel you have to access it on foot. There are no places in the vicinity to park and you should look for the adjacent public paths that take you to the beach. In the south side of the beach, there is a bar, restaurant, which also has the same beach front and does not need to overnight in the 5-star hotel

When to go: The best time of year to visit Phu Quoc is between January and April

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