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Hon Thom, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

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This is a destination in Phu Quoc that you should not leave out of your holiday, particularly if you like strong emotions with aquatic parks or slides at sea.

Hon Thom Island is in the southern part of Phu Quoc and is only accessible via a cable car ride that takes about 25 minutes.

This is according to the Guinness Book of Records the most extensive trip in the world – 7899m.

Along the way that connects Phu Quoc Island to the island of Hon Thom you will be able to observe the area’s main fishing port, the surrounding maritimas areas, the small paradisiacal islets of the Gulf of Thailand and above all you will be able to enjoy a unique aerial thrill.

The destination of the Cable Car is the sun world hon thom nature park reserve beach and complex

After the cable car trip you will enter the middle of a multidisciplinary amusement park. A huge water park – AquatopiaShopping and dining area – and the beach with water activities and areas with entertainment for kids. The hardest thing will be to choose. You may want to decide what you do not want to do, before you arrive on the island, or even before buying the ticket for the cable car, because if you buy the ticket packages the option comes more into account (see reference prices below) besides that will save time and will not go around the island.

If you decide for the water park, the access is simple and is more than well marked (I did not try, my option was the beach).

Beach: to access the beach, after leaving the cable car turn right and look for the entrance of the water park. On one side there is an uncovered path in the sun, which takes you to an area where there are electric carts that make the route to the sea area free of charge.

Arriving at the sand the only thing for free use is the inflatable park of rest all other activities are paid for.

Recommendations: You must prepare with minutiae the trip to this island. Whether you’re going to be all day or half a day. Whether you’re going to enjoy the water park or not. Whether or not you want meals included in the pass. This can make all the difference, both in the price of the ticket and in the convenience of your travel. One thing must go astowes: Water, lots of it. Prices are high and there are huge queues in the food areas. The high temperatures and tiredness you may experience with the activities require additional hydration.

Prices: Access prices to this park vary depending on the weekday, or weekend, whether it is a festive season or whether it is a regular working day.

Adult Cable Car (round trip) : 150,000 VND ( 6 Euros)

Child cable car (round trip) : 100,000 VND ( 4 Euros)

Cable car + Aquatopia ( Adults: > height 1.4m): 380,000 VND ( 14 Euros)

Cable car + Aquatopia (children: > height 1m): 285,000 VND ( 11 Euros)

Cable car + Aquatopia (adults) + Buffet : 570,000 VND ( 21 Euros)

Cable car + Aquatopia (children)+ Buffet : 380,000 VND ( 14 Euros)

How to get there: Access to the island is done by boat (not accessible to tourists) or by cable car.

You must rent a taxi to get to the starting point of the cable car. From Phu Quoc city centre to this area it is about 30 to 40 minutes drive away.

Add the time of the queues to access the cable car as weekends and holidays are extensive.

At the peaks, such as Chinese New Year or vietnam holidays, the waiting time for the ticket office can take more than 30 minutes and the only waiting time to get on the cable car can be more than 45 minutes. Please note that education and respect for order in queues is a peculiar experience, at the very least. Ingat a good dose of patience!

Cable car and Sun Park website: https://honthom.sunworld.vn/

Facebook Page: SunWorldHonThomNaturePark

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